•Time:10:00a.m〜21:00p.m ※

•Price :Kenta Don 700yen〜800yen

Yakitori Don 700yen〜800yen

•Place:Skytree town Soramach shopOkachimachi shop JRAfuchukeiba shopRakuten park Miyagi ship

Exotic menu in KFC Japan

In KFC Japan, there is an interesting menu limited to Japan.

The name is ‘Kenta Don’.

Kenta Don is a original menu from KFC japan. This is traditional Japanese food ‘Tendon’.

Tendon is a food that you can eat with fried shrimp, vegetables, etc. on top of rice and delicious Japanese source .

The taste is very deep and delicious!

You can buy this menu in only 4 shop in Tokyo and 2 are located in the Kansai area.

There is also have an English menu inside shop.

So it’s a good idea to go when you visit on a trip.

Kenta Don
Yakitori Don

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